Retro Interior '50s Decorating Ideas Bedroom


Retro Interior '50s Decorating Ideas

Retro Bedroom
# There are two main themes that can be used to evoke '50s style in a bedroom. Either a black-and-red color scheme with silver accents or pink and green with white work well in creating the right atmosphere. Choose your furniture and large items, such as the bedspread and curtains, in a combination of red and black or pink and turquoise. With red and black, use silver or white on the walls. Use stainless steel for accents like picture frames and cabinet handles. Put tile or red carpet on the floor. For the pink and turquoise room, the walls can be painted either pink, turquoise or light green, and the floor can be thick, pink carpet. Matching round plastic chairs will go with either room scheme. The infamous Kit-Cat clock, a black cat whose eyes and tail move back in forth with the seconds, can be used as well. It is available in other colors, such as pink.
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