Retro 1950s


Retro Interior Design 1950s

Step 1

Paint your bedroom walls in pastel shades, and buy a blond bedroom set. The more pieces, the better. Install
1950s-style perforated wall-sconce lamps on each side of the bed (see Resources below). Hang a sunburst (a type of metal sculpture common in the 1950s) on the wall above the bed.

Step 2

Put a chenille bedspread on the bed. Beds in the 1950s usually had only two pillows, which were laid flat. Shop for a round or square white corduroy or silk-covered pillow in a jewel tone, and lay it tilted upward between the two other pillows.

Step 3

Hang two-layer curtains in pastel colors. The inner part should be voile, the outer part in a heavier, coordinating drapery fabric.

Step 4

Find a 1950s-style boxy "slipper chair" covered in yellow, aqua or green leather, and place it in the corner.

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